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Elder Law Issues

Nursing Home Planning

Nursing home care is incredibly expensive and can deplete a family’s finances, including those of the spouse who is still at home. There are legal remedies to protect the assets of the “community” spouse while getting the extended care the other spouse needs. There may also be concerns with the nursing home itself and the type of care it will provide. These are complicated issues involving governmental agencies and benefits, but at Caswell Law PLLC, we have the resources to help you work through these processes.

In-Home Help

While there are limited government resources available for in-home help for seriously ill seniors, contact us to see what options there may be and whether we can help you through the process.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

When no valid powers of attorney have been put in place before an individual loses the legal capacity to make his or her own decisions, an interested party may approach the court to be appointed as the guardian and/or conservator for this person. A guardian handles the day-to-day affairs of the individual, and a conservator handles the financial matters. The court will decide if the individual in question is legally competent or not, and, if found incompetent, who the appropriate person/people are to be appointed to these positions.