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Special Needs Trusts and Disability Issues

Special Needs Trusts (SNT’s)

SNT’s are designed to provide limited gifts and support through a trustee for individuals who have a disability and are receiving government benefits.

If you have a child or grandchild who is receiving SSI or Medicaid due to a disability, that person is limited in the assets he or she may have. Any cash gifts, settlements or judgments from a lawsuit, or an inheritance will be counted as income and may disqualify the person from these benefits. However, you may wish to provide this relative with the means to purchase a television or computer, to go to classes, or take a trip. You may want to pay medical bills not covered by Medicaid, or ensure that there is money for proper care of the individual after you are gone. SNT’s are a means to provide these services without depriving the individual with the disability of his or her government benefits.

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Disability Issues

The Americans with Disabilities Act provided people with certain physical and/or mental disabilities specific rights in areas such as employment and access to services. If you have a disability, or a relative who is disabled, and you think there is illegal discrimination because of this disability, contact us to see what your rights and remedies are.