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Christine Caswell - Caswell Law PLLC
Christine Caswell
Caswell Law PLLC

When you need help, you want to work with someone who understands not
only the law but the emotional challenges as well; someone who knows what
it’s like to have relatives with disabilities, to deal with nursing homes and home
help programs, to have to make special estate planning provisions because of
government benefits, and to deal with government agencies. When you need
help, you need Caswell Law PLLC.

Come to Caswell Law PLLC for:

• Elder Law Issues • Estate Planning and Probate
• Special Needs Trusts and Disability Issues • Family Law

I grew up with parents who both had physical disabilities and a father who is severely mentally ill. As an adult, I’ve had to deal with my father’s placement in a nursing home, following a broken hip, and the frustration of trying to get home help for my mother when she was suffering from debilitating illnesses before her death. I am used to dealing with the bureaucracy of government agencies on their behalf, and I personally know how emotionally draining all of these experiences can be. If you would like to talk to someone who can help and empathize with your elder law or disability rights’ issues, please contact me.

Christine Caswell
Caswell Law PLLC
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